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We think after-sun cream should be designed for both children and adults, provide relief from sunburn, have a tender fragrance and remind you of quality yogurt.
And here it is – Aloe Vera after sun lotion from Chakra • natural beauty. Even the most conscious and careful people know how unpleasant it is to get sunburnt.
Needless to say that kids, sportsmen, travellers and beach-dependent babes can't go without а cream that relieves sunburn, soothes the skin and protects it from exfoliation.
This is the reason why we created such a lotion, one that would be suitable for everyone.
We included all the most effective oils, healing Balinese herbs, algae extract and of course, aloe vera.

Whether you are 3 or 103 years old, whether you are on the top of mount Sinai or on a boat near Fiji, and regardless of whether you've already been burnt, just apply the cream to your body and face after long exposure to the sun.

HOW TO USE: Apply on skin after shower or bath with careful massaging motions.

INGREDIENTS: spring water, cold pressed oils: coconut, sesame, almond; ghee, emulsifying wax, grapeseed oil, balinese healing herbs, seeweed extract, aloe vera extract, menthol, natural essential oils, water from Ganga shelf ice, silver.

100 ml

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