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Skin irregularity were probably admired by Rubens, but at the moment such marks are considered problem areas. This fact makes us too critical of ourselves. With the goal of reducing reasons to be concerned by it, we recommend using such an effective, fragrant and completely natural anti-cellulite body cream from Chakra • natural beauty.

Its rich structure has all the required components to split fats and remove toxins thanks to extracts of algae and healing herbs. It contains caffeine to intensify blood circulation and a special composition of eccentric oils to improve metabolism. Menthol and ginger oil produce an amazing effect that simultaneously warms and cools the tissues.

Anti-cellulite Body Cream is an effective natural product designed to reduce cellulite and to prevent its appearance.

HOW TO USE: We recommend applying it with firm massaging movements to problem areas, moving from up to down. For a quick result, repeat the procedure twice a day, combining it with body wraps. As a reward for your hard work and determination you'll get smooth and supple skin, which will increase your self-confidence.

INGREDIENTS: spring water, raw cacao butter, cold pressed oils: coconut, almond; emulsifying wax, ghee, seaweed extract, ginger essential oil, menthol, natural essential oils, water from Ganga shelf ice, silver.

100 gr

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