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All of us are different, but every morning we start our days similarly - with a toothbrush in our mouths. And it is essential to be aware of what substance we use on it.

Ayurvedic tooth powder by Chakra • natural beauty is an ancient, time-tested recipe of consciously selected beneficial herbs and minerals. You will find in it NO FLUORINE, nor a number of obscure chemicals, that make it sound more like detergent powder. Ayurvedic tooth powder by Chakra brings you only freshness and purity of nature, with a fantastic variety of benefits.

– It pleasantly and effectively refreshes the oral cavity, removes foul bacteria and serves as a great preventive agent.
– It is non-abrasive: tooth enamel will be gently cleaned from plaque with love and care.
– It stimulates your gums
– It is is the best prevention of bleeding gums, stomatitis and other oral diseases.
– It revitalizes the whole body. Chemical elements in your sublingual area can affect you as much as if you had injected them intravenously.

Be wise and healthy - trust in Nature!

HOW TO USE: Apply tooth power on wet tooth brush. Brush for 3-5 minutes. Rinse mouth with water. Use in the morning and in the evening.

INGREDIENTS: yellow mustard seed, neem leaves, clove, himalaya salt, sesame, anise, camphor, coconut ash, peppermint essential oil.

40 gr

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