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Promotes fertility and improves the elasticity of the breast.

This unique formulation includes the healing Tongkat Ali root, an approach based on the secrets of the oldest medical science in the world – Ayurveda. This enables it work it locally, when applied to certain zones. Legendary in Asia, Tongkat Ali root is a wonderful, safe and natural stimulant for increasing sexual desire.

Specially selected organic oils, natural essential oils and herbs create a unique and effective aphrodisiac. A key component of the cream is natural essential oil of Ylang Ylang, which has a sensual, heady fragrance. It warms and awakens passion, feelings of love, joy, and inner calm. It also stimulates creativity and intuition, and inspires confidence.

Light in its consistency, it is quickly absorbed, effectively nourishing and regenerating the skin.

HOW TO USE: Apply in the evening with light massaging motions on the breast area.

INGREDIENTS: spring water, cold pressed oils: coconut, black cumin, avocado, almond; emulsifying wax, ghee, tongkat ali root extract, natural essential oils, water from Ganga shelf ice, silver.

60 gr

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