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This restoring oil nourishes, shines and protects dry, damaged and weakened hair.

Сold-pressed coconut oil repairs damaged hair, retaining its natural protein and preventing the formation of dandruff.
Black cumin oil promotes the acceleration of hair growth and prevents premature graying. It normalizes blood flow and oxygen movement to the scalp and improvs nourishment for hair follicles.
Avocado oil penetrates deeply into the cells of hair bulbs, thereby restoring their structure and natural strength. Best suited for hair damaged and dry from coloring, providing it with nourishment, and moisturizes it.
Almond oil is the most powerful natural ingredient for hair treatment. Vitamin E slows down ageing of cells and eliminates inflammatory processes on the skin. Vitamin F promotes hair growth. Polysaturated linolenic acid restores structure, and monosaturated oleic acid helps retain moisture.
Extract of Balinese healing herbs, unique in their composition, intensifies the action of the oils, perfectly toning the scalp, giving a beautiful and natural shine.

Delicate aroma of essential ylang-ylang oil, called the "flower of flowers", will heighten your sensation and fill you with sensual pleasure.

HOW TO USE: Rub a small amount onto the ends of the hair, slowly making your way up to the root. Massage the scalp, and then comb the hair for a few minutes. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash your hair, like usual. Use once or twice a week.

INGREDIENTS: cold pressed oils: coconut, sesame, almond, black cumin, avocado; balinese healing herbs, natural essential oils

50 ml

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