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CHUCKNORRIS is so far the only cream designed specifically for men in our product range, but it is one of a kind.

Whether you are a rough arctic explorer, an elite marine or a large corporate manager, CHUCKNORRIS has one more trick up his sleeve.

An incredibly powerful composition is created due to black cumin oil, sandal and other ingredients. The cream is universal and as powerful as the the man after whom it is named.

If you apply it after shaving, it will work as a natural antiseptic thanks to mangosteen and Himalaya herbs. Men often work in the open air in rough winter conditions and exhausting heat. Even in a heated or air conditioned room of a modern metropolis, your facial skin faces serious pressure such as emissions from equipment or low humidity that causes fast skin ageing and its sagging. In this case, ghee, avocado and sesame oils along with a secret silver formula will take care of your skin, and nourish and protect it from all negative effects.

HOW TO USE: Massage a small amount of cream into clean, freshly washed face. Use daily.

INGREDIENTS: spring water, cold pressed oils: sesame, black cumin, avocado; ghee, emulsifying wax, himalaya healing herbs, natural essential oils, water from Ganga shelf ice, silver.

60 gr

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