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Nourishing Body Cream is a healing body cream.

Everything you find in it starting from spring water tomangosteen skin powder allows it to nourish, moisturize, boost immunity, remove toxins, repair your skin and even protect you from skin diseases. Among the components there are only cold press oils such as avocado, sesame seed and coconut. Its fragrance is one more important feature. It has the tender fragrance of kaffir lime known for relieving anxiety.

What could be better for modern life?

HOW TO USE: Recommended for all skin types. Apply In the morning or evening with light massaging motions.

INGREDIENTS: spring water, cold pressed oils: coconut, sesame, avocado; emulsifying wax, ghee, neem leaves, mangosteen peel, guanabana leaves, natural essential oils, water from Ganga shelf ice, silver.

100 gr

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