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Our products are hand-made using only the highest quality natural ingredients.
We carefully consider each stage of the production process,
to ensure the quality and effectiveness of each component that goes
into the final product.
Sourcing of Ingredients
Bali is a magical place from which we source the natural ingredients we use in our products. Many of the plants we use are gathered by hand, according to the cycle of the moon. A small amount of our ingredients are sourced from trusted local organic farmers.
Drying & Essential Oils
Our traditional approach to drying ensures all beneficial properties of leaves, flowers and other medicinal plants are retained. Once dried, our plants аre vacuum-sealed and kept at low temperatures to avoid any potential damage from humidity, and mould formation. We use this approach for our neem leaves, soursop, mangosteen, frangipanis, ylang-ylang and champaka. Flowers are added into our scrubs and masks in a crushed form, while others are distilled into essential oils using steam distillation.
Extraction of Cold-Pressed Oils
With the help of a manual press, we produce cold-pressed oils such as black cumin, black sesame, coconut and almond oil. In order to get the highest quality natural cold-pressed oils, we use various presses, including a press that uses a barrel made from the whole trunk of a jackfruit tree. Immediately after pressing, the oil is poured into dark glass bottles, which are then stored at low temperatures. This allows us to keep the oil in its ideal state, without the use of preservatives.
Creation of the Final Product
Finally, with exquisite care, each component is blended together to create an exceptional final product. We refrain from using high-temperature mixers, or any other machines which may destroy the healing properties of the precious natural materials.
Packaging & Preservation
We use a special silver formula for preservation of the product, developed in-lab at Chakra • natural beauty. Additionally, we line each of our containers with Russian forest wax, ensuring the product arrives in its ideal state, no matter where you are on the planet.
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